The Center for Education and Civil Rights provides many opportunities for students, faculty, practitioners, and policymakers to get involved in its programming and research activities. We currently don't have any employment opportunites available at the CECR; however, for students at Penn State, below is a list of ways to get involved with the center. If you have any ideas for collaborating with CECR or you're a Penn State student interested in the opportunities below, please feel free to contact us at 


Our research focuses on barriers to civil rights in public education & policies and practices that promote school integration. We currently have research projects aimed at understanding the extent of segregation and inequality. Other CECR projects explore policies to further integration and inclusion such as anti-bias education in preschool and voluntary K-12 school integration.

Opportunities to get involved include participating on research teams to design and implement CECR research projects, including but not limited to reviewing statistical data about school integration, conducting interviews with district leaders, and developing written products for CECR publications and/or academic journals.


CECR supports networks of collaboration through hosting monthly events, including invited speakers, brown bags, and national convenings. On May 10, 2019, we are hosting a national symposium at Penn State to mark the 65th anniversary of Brown v. the Board of Education with keynote speaker Nikole Hannah-Jones.

We are currently looking for students to lead collaborative efforts with other centers and organizations in the school diversity field and use social media and other platforms to put CECR work in conversation with others. 


We engage with policy leaders and organizations to inform federal policy to further school integration and equity. We host workshops on a range of education and civil rights topics with local educators and provide opportunities 

Currently, we seek students to help plan and implement CECR events and lead discussions on racial justice in education.


EDLDR 542: Civil Rights and Education 3 Credits

Examination of civil rights policies and educational equity in the U.S. from the perspectives of law, social science, accountability policy. Civil Rights and Education will examine civil rights policies and educational equity in the United States from the perspectives of social science, education policy, and law. The aims of the course are to build students' understanding of the key principles of civil rights policies and the sources of contention in civil rights, and to enhance students' capacity for participating in issues of civil rights and education through project-based work. We will begin by considering what it means to have an opportunity to learn and how it has been defined. The course will then consider legal and policy developments since the "Brown" decision that have both expanded and constrained the opportunity for certain groups of students. The course is primarily focused on national developments, but does include a focus specifically on educational opportunity in Pennsylvania. The course concludes by considering recent civil rights developments and prospects for the future.​

Cross-listed with EDTHP 542