More than 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education, racial segregation still persists in our schools.

Our schools and communities need to address the complicated nature of racial inequality in the 21st century.

CECR is a hub for the generation of knowledge and coalition building within the education and civil rights communities to promote racial and ethnic equality in education. Based at Penn State University, the Center supports democratic values that are central to the mission of public universities.

In addition to collaborating with researchers, schools and policymakers, we provide the latest research and general resources to students, parents, and teachers who want to learn more about diversity and why integration in our schools matter.

After a polarizing presidential election that has incited hateful incidents in our schools and communities, we have a renewed sense of purpose in our mission to promote racial equity and to preserve the basic civil rights and liberties that form the foundation of democracy in our multiracial society. Read the full Statement from the Center for Education and Civil Rights Regarding the Election.


Provide research-based guidance to practitioners and policymakers to advance educational racial and ethnic equity.


Support and create new networks of cross-disciplinary collaborations among researchers and civil rights advocates dedicated to promoting educational racial equity.


Facilitate change through partnerships with educators and provide mentoring and professional development opportunities in this field.
Penn State University Civil Rights Conference June 2014


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